Revenge Style Cyberman Helmet

Thanks to Simon G for this great review of this Revenge type Cyberman helmet. This guys got a real cool Dr Who helmet collection and I'll be featuring more of this later in other sections of this site.

This is a fully licensed and official BBC Dr Who collectable, produced by “This Planet Earth”, Simon purchased this back in 2002 for approx £300 (US $550). Many with know This Planet Earth (aka TPE) for their licensed full size Daleks. However, unlike their Daleks it does not come with any form of certificate or markings on the helmet itself  to endorse its authenticity -  unusual for a licensed product.

 The helmet was originally produced as the standard silver “Revenge” variant, but Simon decided to have it re-sprayed in the colouring of the cyber-leader. The helmet itself is cast in thick fiberglass with a removable backplate which is held in place by a nut and bolt fixing. Its good to see that having checked footage of the original BBC Helmets, they have used the same fastening mechanism.

The helmets are not lined and are therefore not really made for wearing without modification and a helmet liner fitted. From Simons perspective he felt that the quality of the construction to be only fairly good, and has seen nicer fan made helmets than these official ones.

We're not sure as to the provenance of the moulds used to create this helmet i.e. we cant confirm whether it was made from the original moulds, or more likely cast off an original helmet. Thanks for the review Simon!

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